AAUW Green Bay

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AAUW Green Bay members who have been in AAUW for over 50 years!

The Green Bay Area Branch of AAUW currently has over 50 members.  We work to fulfill the AAUW mission and our branch vision:

to create a diverse group of educated persons making a positive impact on the community and on individual members.

We support AAUW fellowships for graduate women and provide local scholarships to women who are returning to school to complete their first post-secondary degrees. We monitor gender equity in our public schools, promote STEM education, hold educational and informational meetings for our members and for the public, and participate in community events and service projects.

Women of Northeast Wisconsin: Dreamers and Doers

Women of Northeast Wisconsin: Dreamers and Doers was adopted by the Green Bay Area Branch  as a women’s history project in 1990.

IMG_2047The book was published in 1994 and features women from the pioneer era to the present whose contributions and influence in this community were substantial.  Over 90 historical and contemporary women are profiled. In the introduction to the book, the women featured are identified as “women of achievement, women who provided leadership, and women who shared their unique talents to make the human condition and their communities better places in which to live”. These same criteria are used to select the annual Dreamers & Doers Award recipient. For more information see our Dreamers & Doers page.

Dreamers and Doers Annual Events

Historical Tours and Award Luncheon

The annual Historical Tour introduces participants to area women who “step out” of the pages of the Dreamers and Doers book to highlight their contributions to the development of Brown County at sites associated with their accomplishments. The Award Luncheon honors all the nominees who are recognized for their current contributions to our community, making Brown County a better place in which to live. The winner is recognized and presented with the annual Dreamers and Doers Award.

All proceeds from the Dreamers and Doers events go to local scholarships for women and AAUW graduate fellowships and research and project grants.

Scholarship Fund 

The Green Bay Area Branch provides scholarships to women who are at least 25 years of age and have returned to school (UWGB, St. Norbert College, Bellin College, NWTC-GB campus, College of Menominee Nation-GB campus) to complete their first two or four year post-secondary degree.

These women have delayed their education for various reasons and need financial assistance in order to successfully complete their studies. Since 1973, we have provided over $46,000 to 77 recipients. These women often stay in the area and contribute to the local workforce and to the community. Scholarships funds are raised through our annual Dreamers and Doers tours and award luncheon and through private donations. For more information on the actual process, visit our Scholarship page or Contact Us.

AAUW-Green Bay Area Branch is committed to providing educational opportunities for women through our fellowships and local scholarships and to helping those who still face discrimination or harassment in the workplace or on campus. We continue to raise awareness of women’s contributions in our community and provide role models for today’s women and girls through our Dreamers and Doers events.