Dreamers and Doers Book, Vol II

Women of Northeast Wisconsin: Dreamers and Doers, Volume II is an addendum to Volume I, produced in 1994. It includes some historical and contemporary women as well as the women who were nominated for Dreamers and Doers Award from 2007-2015.  The award recognizes contemporary women whose achievements, leadership and unique talents have effected change, inspired us, and enriched life in our community. Please check this web site for additional updates as they become available.

The Green Bay Area Branch adopted this project to celebrate the lives of significant historical and contemporary women by adding their life stories to the Internet and written record. Copies of the 1994 Dreamers and Doers book are available at the Brown County Library and Heritage Hill Gift Shop.  Volume II can be viewed on this web site and will also be available in print when the project is complete.

We are grateful to all the interviewers who have contributed their time to get detailed descriptions of the lives of the women we are honoring.

Dotty Juengst, Chair

Volume II

* Dreamers and Doers Award Recipient