Ginny Laukka (1964- )

Ginny Laukka leads a life of contributions – to her family, her community of church, schools, non-profit organizations and to the greater world.

Virginia Mary (Lynch) Laukka was born in 1964 in Negaunee, Michigan. Her early years of education found a path forward for her natural curiosity through participation in the high school debate team. The opportunity to travel and learn through school activities fostered skills in research, developing a discipline of questioning and advancing her thoughts to expand her views on people and problem solving.  Being given access to ‘drafting classes’ as one of the few girls in her high school, Ginny took the road less travelled at the time and continued her education to obtain a masters’ degree in Architecture.

Ginny considers herself to be most fortunate that she was able to enjoy raising her own children while choosing to be as involved as possible through volunteering in the community. She followed the lead of giving time to church and civic organizations set by her parent’s example. She feels being a contributor is part of who she is meant to be.

Her passion for education and contributing to community advancements involved her in many leadership opportunities. Ginny served as a member of the Ashwaubenon School Board for 15 years. She first attended, and then served on staff for People Supporting People (PSP), a leadership development workshop aimed at leveraging diversity in a positive way. Due to Ginny’s leadership in this program, inclusion and honoring of all staff and students became a focus for the Ashwaubenon School District. In her church community, Ginny served as chair of the Social Concerns Commission of Nativity Parish, where she ran the Christmas Giving Tree program for 10+ years. She also served as volunteer chair of the Green Bay Community Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) MobilePack, which coordinated 2500 volunteers to pack half a million meals.  Expanding her leadership role to other parts of the world, Ginny was able to travel to Haiti and serve children with the FMSC organization.

Ginny’s leadership was deeply influenced by her artistic and creative approach to life. She feels that her passion to create allows her to always be open to new projects and experiences. Ginny used her talents to inspire and benefit others by creating bulletin boards for schools, poster designs for fundraising events, large painted butterfly sculptures for Einstein Project Butterflies on Parade (to fund science projects for public schools) and many other unique artistic projects. Recently, Ginny started her own company, ‘ginspirationaldesign’, a greeting card company with the tagline “created to be a conduit of love”. She hopes to inspire intentional connection with others, and uses action to follow intentions.

Ginny has given many years of breakthrough leadership, continuous improvement, inclusion and helping others in all that she does. In her message to others, Ginny’s advice would be to cultivate a relationship with your inner voice through stillness, as a way to seek what is best for yourself and for those around you in our world.