History of the AAUW Green Bay Area Branch Scholarships

One of the primary purposes of AAUW is to encourage higher education for women.  Since 1927, the year our branch organized, we have given scholarships to women attending local colleges and universities in our area.  We also send scholarship funds to the national association of the AAUW.

The first scholarship given by the branch in 1927 was to Vivian Nichols, a graduate of Green Bay West High School.  From 1927 – 2017 the branch has given more than $100,000 in local and national scholarships.

To support the scholarship program, the branch has conducted many types of fundraisers to solicit funds.  In the early years, Fashion Bridge Tea was held.  Over 600 women would come to play bridge, see and wear the latest fashions.  Other events were profit sharing with local theater groups, bridge marathons and rummage sales.

The biggest and longest running event to raise funds for our scholarship program was the Book Fair.  The Book Fair sold used books for minimum prices to the public from 1953 – 2005.

The next major fund raiser from 2007-2015 was the Women’s History Project celebrating Dreamers and Doers, Women of Northeast Wisconsin.  This annual event hosted an awards luncheon for the Dreamer and Doer of the year and a tour or a tea celebrating historical women. Additional funding for scholarships came from the proceeds of the Branch publication “Women of Northeast Wisconsin, Dreamers and Doers” and memorials.